The Force Awakens

22 Jun , 2016 Movies

The Force Awakens

OK, let’s talk about The Force Awakens. Yes—the Star Wars movie that came out last year to great trumpeting and fanfare.
I’ll just say right up front that giving it a thumbs up is being generous. It barely deserves that.
The main reason I say that is because there are too many aspects of it that feel like the original Star Wars movies just remade.

The whole plot is just too close to the first one. The good guys are making a comeback from some desolate godforsaken planet. The bad guys have built this mind-blowingly huge planet shaped battlestar. The bad guys vastly outrank the good guys.

Keep going . . . . The good guys have assembled their small numbers on a green planet distant from the bad guys’ stronghold. The bad guys are starting to wreak havoc in the galaxy, annihilating good-guy planets. The good guys identify a pea-sized opening in the bad-guy stronghold down through which they can stuff a missile. The good guys send missile into previously mentioned opening and voila! Bad-guy stronghold blows apart.

First Movie vs. Now

As in the first movie, the good guys have on their side a very weird-looking, dwarf sized creature.

As in the first movie, the bad guys have on their side a figure that insists on wearing a floor-length black cape and a full-face black mask that he can’t breathe through.

There are just way too many similarities.

The main redeeming feature of the movie is that fact that somehow the producers managed to get the three original main characters back together and on screen. Seriously. How did they manage to get Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford all back together, forty years after they made the first movies?

That’s a coup d’etat, for sure. For me, that’s what gave the movie a thumbs up.

Now, even with that there are a few problems. It just was not cool to have Harrison Ford offed. Nope. Of any of the three original characters, he’s the one that should have been allowed to live. (Yeah, I know. Ford probably would not agree to do any more movies and the producers had to just take what they could get.)
The other redeeming feature of the movie is the inclusion of the girl they got to play Rae. Holy cow, where did they find her? She’s spectacular!

The guy that plays Flinn or Flit or Figg or whatever is just ok. I’m not partial to his character. He doesn’t really come across as genuine. Rae, on the other hand, oozes authenticity as her character, and I could watch her for a long time.

Obviously the movie is setting up for the next one. The mystery around Rae and her origins . . . the discovery of Luke Skywalker at the very end (too easily) . . . the grandson of Darth Vader that still evilly lives, even after he did the unpardonable and killed his own dad . . . .

I don’t hold out much hope that the next movie will be any better. We’ll just have to wait and see.  Maybe I should build myself a Home Theater and watch it there, wink.

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