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Hi There!

I’m Adam. Welcome to my movie review blog.

I’m calling this blog Adam’s Flicks Express, or adamsfe for short. Yeah, it’s true—it was an available domain name, so I grabbed it and made the title work. What can I say?
Why this blog? You ask. Aren’t there already a million movie review sites out there?

True, there are a lot. But I like seeing movies, and I like reviewing them, and I have built up somewhat of a following on my Facebook movie review page. So it was a natural transition to add a blog site dedicated to movie reviews. This way I can revert my Facebook page back to the personal page it used to be and post my movie reviews here with links to my Facebook page.

I’ve always been a huge movie buff. Probably came out of my early years when my parents would send my brother and me to the local cinema on Saturday afternoons. It would get us out of their hair for a few hours so they could have some personal space at the house.
They’d do different things during the time that we were at the movies. Mom liked to paint. Dad liked to tinker with his cars. They’d disappear into their various places to do those activities while we were gone. When we came back, we’d all come back together as a family and do something together in the evenings.

Until my brother and I got to be teeneagers, of course. At that point hanging with the family was fate worse than death, and we’d look for any excuse to get out of the house. There was usually something going on in the town where we lived—some party or another, or a football game, or a concert, or just a few friends getting together in someone’s garage to hang out.

But back to the Saturday afternoon at the movies period. I think that’s when I got used to seeing movies in theaters as a regular thing. As a teen I didn’t do that quite as often because of all the other things going on, and in college I didn’t do it a lot either, but after college movie-watching became a thing again.

I’ve always been somewhat of an analytical thinker, and I brought that bent into my movie watching. I like to see a movie and then afterward dissect its plot and character development. I’m not out to tear the movie down. I just like to think about a movie critically, run it through my evaluation grid, and come to some conclusions.

I like to be able to compare one movie to another based on plot and characterization, dialog and cinematography.

It’s just fun. And then it’s fun to write about my opinions and share them. And then it’s fun when people respond. I don’t mind people disagreeing. That just sparks good conversation. The only thing I mind is when people make arrogant disagreeable comments about the movie before they’ve even seen it. That just annoys me.

So that’s the background of why I’m writing this blog. Enjoy! Feel free to comment!